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Voice Director
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Sonoma, California
Training, Coaching, Demos and Marketing for Voice Artists
Recording Studio Services for Commercial Production

Radio Magic is a wonderful, helpful, voice over production studio that is FILLED with talent to optimize yours! — Jean Lyon

The best experience working on Voice Over projects was by far with Madeleine. She poured so much creativity into my demo I am still thrilled with it years later. Don’t go anywhere else. — Kathleen Callan

Madeleine is an expert in her field. She is professional, goal-oriented, thorough, intuitive, highly creative, an excellent teacher, supportive, inspiring, and very funny. I consider myself fortunate to have found, with perfect timing in my life, an incredible guide to the voice-over career path. — Bill Brogan

I highly recommend Madeleine Wild of Radio Magic in Sonoma, California for any Voice Over learning or projects. She helped me very much in the world of Voice Over and is a pleasure to work with. Thank you Madeleine! — Jill Preston

Madeleine is the consummate professional who is dedicated to the best result possible if you are seeking voiceover training. She has a myriad of ways “in” to bringing the most authentic voice to the listener. She has high standards and knows how to tactfully steer you in the right direction. She is also an excellent writer who creates the perfect scenarios for voiceover demos. — Jennifer Hedgepeth

Thanks for a wonderful ad. What a pleasure it is to see you work your “magic.” It’s amazing to hear the difference expert direction can bring to voices. Madeleine Wild is the best voice over coach in the world. I know… she taught me! — George Webber

Madeleine helped me to find my passion for voice over work. With Madeleine’s guidance I was able to start honing my craft and fueling my fire to be involved in this difficult but rewarding industry. Today, I have clients all over the world, and it all started with my training at Radio Magic with Madeleine Wild. Thanks Madeleine. — Jan Anderson

It’s one thing to find an excellent voice over instructor, but it’s quite another to find one that can also teach you how to market yourself. With Madeleine you get both. First rate instruction in a very comfortable environment. Quite simply, Madeleine is the best and one of the finest people you’ll ever meet. — Nick Zane

The best Bay Area voice over guide bar none!! A most extraordinary experience and the meticulousness of a diamond cutter!! Madeleine is a dream to collaborate with and a consummate professional. — Kathleen Callan

Not only is Radio Magic a great voice over training and recording studio but also Madeleine’s personal attention to me greatly helped develop my reading skills and ability to transfer that skill to vocal delivery and phrasing. I highly recommend Radio Magic and Madeleine. — Nigel Bates

Outstanding! Dedicated to detail and perfection. — Lori Jordan

AWARD WINNING VOICE OVER PRODUCTION FOR UNITED WAY VIDEO “We used Radio Magic’s voice over services for the United Way Campaign Video. Radio Magic’s voiceover service put TV50 over the top as we won the TELLY AWARD for one of the best non-profit videos in the nation!” — Mike McGuire - The Bay Area’s TV-50

Madeleine and her studio are magical indeed. Run, don't walk, for some really fun and result-oriented training. Thank me later ;-). — Lynn Abate-Johnson

I was out of town in the country with no internet service and an audition to record. Thanks to Google, I found YOU. Your expert direction and insight helped me to BOOK THE LEXUS SPOT! Thank you so much, Madeleine. Couldn't have done it without you. Working with you was worth the hour-long drive. — Shannon Torrence

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Hi. I’m Madeleine Wild.
Are you a professional, a student, or just want to experience voice over for the fun for it? Welcome to my studio where sessions are relaxed, friendly, entertaining and focused on you. Radio Magic is a place where you can learn, play, produce great work and turn fantasies into reality.


How do you get heard in a noisy world? Work with me!

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Professional Recording Studio Services

Full-service audio production from concept to completion

  • Training (in-studio or via phone), demos, commercials, radio, TV, web, narrations, podcasts, corporate, audio books, e-learning and more.
  • Write, direct, record, digitally edit, hire voice talent, and a world-class music library to suit your project needs.
  • We work with Hollywood production companies, agents and producers.

Some of our clients

Actor, John Krasinski, (“The Office”)
Actor, Jim Piddock (“Winnie the Pooh” movie trailer)
The BBC (“Music Matters” interview/London)
The Smithsonian Museum - Narrations.